1. 21 Aug '13, 2am

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  2. 19 Apr '13, 6am

    nice post General contractor focused in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling. As well as dwelling renovations, supplements we do new dwelling construction.

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  3. Your Ideas 15 Apr '13, 10am
    15 Apr '13, 10pm

    Ecobuild 2014 will be a great platform for helping residential energy auditors and RESNET certified raters to learn how to transition from promoting residential energy retrofits through incentives & rebates into financing residential energy improvement investments using private capital, i.e.: Energy Mortgages and 203k loans. By providing 'investment grade' energy audits & ratings for RESNET EnergySmart Teams, energy auditors & raters create real monetary value (Energy Equity) for clients to hire trained & certified energy retrofit teams. Find out how RESNET EnergySmart Contractor Education & Qualification (CEQ) Providerships will help make this happen at or by visiting an actual CEQ Providership at:

    By working together we can help change the world for the better and perhaps create some sustainable green jobs in the process!

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  4. 29 Aug '12, 4am

    Reach beyond NZEB to Zero Energy Concept Building to purify waste water & improve indoor air quality. …

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  5. 01 Jul '12, 10pm

    dasHAUS is coming to White Plains, NY from July 10-19 and Washington DC from July 31 to Aug 9. To schedule a guided tour or to join one of our free events, please RSVP.