13 Sep '17, 9pm

Vibrant, Sustainable Carpet

It doesn’t hurt that Bentley’s carpet tiles are also beautiful. “Going back to 1979, the people who founded Bentley founded it on unique looking products,” Grogan says. While some of that emphasis fell away before Grogan came on board, Bentley began to kick things up a notch in last five years. “What we’ve done in the four-and-a-half years I’ve been here is to really get back to our product roots. We try to introduce a new collection every month.” That’s a lot of collections, even for a company that’s bigger than Bentley. By the same token, Bentley has also invested heavily in carpet tile technology. Less than five years ago, the company’s products were about 75% broadloom and 25% carpet tile, but now it’s the reverse. “We knew we needed to invest in tufting equipment and carpet tile technology. We worked very closely with Cradle to Cradle to make sure the line we picked o...

Full article: https://gbdmagazine.com/2017/bentley-mills-carpet/


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