29 Jan '13, 8am

Draft AECB response 2 DECC electricity demand reduction consult. Plse comment or use part or all in your own response.

Absolutely agree re washing machines - very tiresome having to subvert the cold fill, and gives me wet feet. On the different subject of fabric efficiency of homes, a passage from the Impact Assessment that accompanies this consultation (same link as Andy posted above), suggests that existing policies have pretty much got the potential for domestic fabric efficiency covered - so even with DECC's devotion to electric heating, there really isn't anything else much they need do - so that's why they aren't consulting on further measures to drive fabric eficiency, but only worrying about appliances and behaviour change (at least I presume that's what they mean). Anyone who disagrees is urged to comment! Here is their 'comprehensive' list, for our delectation: "Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) – aim to tackle access to capital, information and landlord-tenant split...

Full article: http://www.aecb.net/forum/index.php?topic=3783.0


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