12 Jan '18, 2pm

Laminate Surfaces by Formica Utilize Reclaimed Materials @FormicaGroup

Developing new products is a balancing act between technology, design flexibility, and environmental responsibility. There’s no “sustainability team” working to develop new products, says Jeffrey Taylor , Formica Group’s vice president of innovation and R&D, because “innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. No person focuses entirely on that, but rather builds a philosophy first, which then guides product development.” Formica Group uses many tools to guide that development, including participating in the GREENGUARD product certification, a program that helps to measure the emissions of a given product. By participating in this program during development, Formica Group engages in a continuous feedback loop, measuring the environmental outcomes of each stage of a product’s manufacture and highlighting the opportunities to reduce its environmental impact at each one. T...

Full article: https://gbdmagazine.com/2018/laminate-surfaces/