22 Feb '13, 11pm

What is the best acrylic stucco material that is more durable and lasts longer? #construction #green

The best stucco is the polymer-modified stucco . The key to a long lasting installation is to be sure to install two (2) layers of drainage material under the stucco. This can be: two layers of builder's felt, two layers of house wrap, one layer of each, a layer of house wrap and a paper backed lath, or rigid foam with another layer of one of the above drainage plane materials. Be sure to detail the drainage plane correctly around all openings in the walls. This ensures good drainage of water out of the wall. Then be sure to have a weep screed at the bottom of the wall. Also use a latex paint , not an elastromeric paint so that the wall can release moisture. All of the specifications for a long lasting stucco wall can be found in the Stucco Manual by the Portland Cement Association .

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