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Here's Frisco's Jungle @taotao_salupa @Rx4Nails @vcortesusmc @BemetOr8 @2009superglide @T3H_ARCH3R

Here's Frisco's Jungle @taotao_salupa @Rx4Nails @vcortesusmc @BemetOr8 @2009superglide @T3H_ARCH3R

sits on a bottom of a hillside with a significant retaining wall at the rear of the property.  The backyard is sunken into the hill edged with three large, tall concrete walls surrounded by greenery; the space is terraced into two large open spaces with raised beds along the backside. The owner/designer’s mission was to develop the space into a striking display of vertical gardens that would take advantage of the walls to their utmost possibilities. The goal was to create and display a living wall that brings biodiversity, beauty and enjoyment to the owner’s familial lifestyle.  This planting display is modeled after a natural vertical garden similar to a woodland cliff on a north facing hill in California. The vision of 75 varieties of shade loving plants, a mixture of subtropical plants with northwestern ferns and fern-allies, gives the wall its lush looking state.

Full article: http://www.greenroofs.com/blog/tag/living-wall/


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