25 Aug '13, 5pm

Are two layers of XPS separated by T1-11 ok? #green

I am re-siding my attached heated garage with wood clad siding to match the house. The current siding, T1-11 (plywood siding), will not be removed as I need to side over the top of the T1-11. Because the windows and doors are reset to a plane that matches the house, I need to use two-inch thick strapping over the T1-11. Instead, I am considering adding 1 inch of XPS over the T1-11 and using one-inch strapping. Since the current insulation is 3 1/2 inch fiberglass with one inch of XPS as sheathing under the T1-11, I am concerned if adding another layer of XPS over the top of the T1-11 will cause a moisture problem. Our climate is cold (zone 6) in Wisconsin. Please reply with your thoughts. Thank you.

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re: Used XPS roofmate insulation and IAQ #green

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