30 Sep '13, 4pm

Earthship Ironbank – Full Steam Ahead!

As far as I know this is the first time an earthship has been approved in Australia: I’ve heard of other tyre walled homes in Aus but I think this is the first time a tyre wall with NO footings, and an earthberm has been approved. One thing I’m not allowed to do is irrigate the planter with greywater, nor flush the loo with treated greywater, but I’ll be fighting that (very poor) decision. With waste conservation initiatives it’s one step at a time here in South Australia, the driest State in the driest continent.

Full article: http://earthship.com/blogs/2013/09/earthship-ironbank-ful...


Earthship Stained Glass

Earthship Stained Glass

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Earthship Academy Global Session: Argentina

Earthship Academy Global Session: Argentina

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Full Gallon

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