26 Dec '13, 3pm

@jesse_th reminds me of this post by @atwilson on @bglive

@jesse_th reminds me of this post by @atwilson on @bglive

With all the snow we received in southern Vermont last week, it's a great time to be an energy nerd! Lots of snow on roofs means that it's easy to tell at a glance how energy efficient houses in the neighborhood are. I mean, it's not a thorough energy audit. But it's a good way to quickly get a sense of how buttoned up these houses are. The principle is pretty simple: the less insulation in a house attic or at the rafters, the more heat escapes through the roof. That escaping heat melts the snow. As I'm driving into town, if I see that most of the nearly two feet of snow we received is still sitting there and the depth even, I can be pretty sure I'm looking at a well-insulated and tight house. Unless it's a fairly steep metal roof (in which case the snow slides off pretty quickly), loss of snow is evidence of poor insulation. It's often possible to see exactly where the he...

Full article: http://www2.buildinggreen.com/blogs/drive-energy-audits


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This week's Energy Solutions blog: some new pro...

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Solar Energy Payback Time (Charts)

Solar Energy Payback Time (Charts)

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Why so many energy saving tips are so bad

Why so many energy saving tips are so bad

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