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Can u hear me now?...Product Category Review: Acoustical Insulation - EcoBuilding Pulse

Fullerton says that an architect must determine whether to improve the sound insulation of the construction system, improve the acoustics within the room, or both. Design strategies and the use of acoustical products vary, and the success of each depends on the project objective. Acoustic insulation can be useful for improving sound isolation or increasing sound absorption, depending on how it is applied. It is available in a variety of materials, including glass fiber, mineral fiber, recycled cotton, spray-in cellulose, and spray-in, open-cell polyurethane foam.

Full article: http://www.ecobuildingpulse.com/insulation/sound-off.aspx


Jeff Fullerton provides some insight about #Goo...

ecobuildingpulse.com 31 Dec '13, 8pm

Sound is garnering greater importance and attention in architectural design, says Jeff Fullerton, a supervisory consultant...

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