Activists plot to turn ghost town Famagusta, Cyprus, into an ecotown

Activists plot to turn ghost town Famagusta, Cyprus, into an ecotown

Varosha as it was in its heyday. Varosha is a ghost town that could be reborn into an eco-town if a bunch of activists led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology architecture professor Jan Wampler get their way. It is part of Famagusta in Cyprus, abandoned back in 1974 when Turkey invaded the Greek island. At that time thousands of people fled the area and it became fenced off. In its heyday it was a glamorous resort frequented by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and other stars. Now it is a site of of crumbling, war-battered beachfront shops and hotels. But in the future, Wampler, along with sixteen of his architecture graduate students from the University of South Florida, foresee an InterCity tram system, coastal piers run on seaweed and other renewable energy sources and even a brand new canal. Following a brainstorming session by scores of activists in January, these s...

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