19 Jun '14, 3am

A Table That Can Charge Your Gadgets

One of the uses the designer envisioned for the table is placing it in libraries, restaurants or other public places, where they could offer visitors a way to charge their gadgets without the need to lay cables. However, this solar powered table also seems a great opportunity to bring solar energy into the homes of the general population, where it could work to offset the amount of energy the household uses. In fact, if placed over larger pieces of furniture, such solar cells could, conceivably, even be used to power equipment that is an even bigger consumer of electrical power. The cells on the table do, however, have to be kept spotlessly clean in order to function properly.

Full article: http://www.jetsongreen.com/2014/06/a-table-that-can-charg...



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Hover Board (I Can Build One... I Know I Can)

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#Luxury Hotel Table Lamps Enjoy

#Luxury Hotel Table Lamps Enjoy

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Car Charging Wants Blink To Charge Teslas

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Pants that charge your cellphone?

Pants that charge your cellphone?

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