21 Jun '14, 8am

9 steps to building a straw bale roundhouse for $23,000

9 steps to building a straw bale roundhouse for $23,000

Picture No.1 shows the basic roundwood henge frame with temporary bracing standing on plinths ready for first reciprocal roof rafter. The tripod in the middle is there to support the reciprocal roof as it's built . The whole structure will be supported on a single timber called a Charlie Stick. In picture No.2 the roundwood roof timbers are in place supporting each other leaving a circle for a skylight. By picture No.3 the roof has been clad ready for the exterior straw bale insulation in No.4. Braces have been fitted to the henge with a central tree trunk that later forms the spiral staircase (see below left). In No.5 a pond liner has been spread over the bales with drainage pipes topped off with the turf making the beautiful green roof. In No.5 you can also see the stone stem wall on which the straw bales will stand anchored on hazel spikes. The windows are also in place...

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A cordwood roundhouse by Tony Wrench in Wales

naturalhomes.org 21 Jun '14, 8am

This is the cordwood roundhouse at Denmark Farm in Wales, sitting in their 40 acre nature reserve where they run all sorts...