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Prefab Home Suitable for Hurricane Prone Areas

Prefab Home Suitable for Hurricane Prone Areas

The homes are made from sustainably-sourced wood, and customers can also opt to fit them with green tech such as a green roof or a vertical garden. A rooftop mounted solar PV array is also a possible upgrade, which, coupled with a battery array, can take this home off-the-grid completely. The rainwater collection system consists of an underground tank into which rainwater is channeled via a gutter. Customers can also opt for geothermal heating, and air-conditioning. These homes are also suitable for flood prone areas, since they can easily be raised on stilts.

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  1. 24 Feb '15, 11pm

    Wondering if anyone knows if NOA Dade County or Florida's regular FPA have been "approved" or is this still in the "look what we've got" stage?

    I'd like to add this to a Blog I write but "ducks in a row" and all that!

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