27 Jun '12, 2pm

Green Building Q&A: Dow SIS in zone 5

Take a look at the photos attached. One of the local builders is just using Dow SIS R3 as well as Dow XPS R3 outside of 2x4 construction ... no OSB at all. I asked how he'll insulate to which he replied R13 fiberglass batts. Climate zone 5 which should have R5 outside of the studs to minimize the effect of thermal bridging and condensation ... correct? Is there a fundamental problem with this strategy? Is it really any better than what the other builders are doing with just OSB on the exterior? Seems like it still falls short in zone 5.

Full article: http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/energ...


New gTLDs: Root Zone Scaling Report

icann.org 27 Jun '12, 12pm

Report: Impact on Root Server Operations and Provisioning Due to New gTLDs [PDF, 2.66 MB] ICANN is publishing the report "...

Roofs Do Double Duty with Dow Shingles

Roofs Do Double Duty with Dow Shingles

jetsongreen.com 25 Jun '12, 7am

Since I last shared photos of the Dow POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle , this line of business has picked up. In October 2011, the...