31 Aug '15, 6pm

Join @viviandien @gadonniex @ppremchandran and me @Living_Future Expo, 9/18, Pitts. Exciting new data collaboration.

We at the Healthy Building Network will be providing a first look at two new programs. I will be discussing our new collaboration with the Healthy Materials Lab at the Parsons School of Design. This project, undertaken in partnership with the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) and Green Science Policy Institute (GSPI) is designed to accelerate the adoption of healthy materials in affordable housing, while leveraging the market power of this sector to drive product transparency and innovation. HBN’s Research Director Jim Vallette will be discussing the leading edge research methodology we bring to a new collaboration with thinkstep and Flux, a San Francisco-based startup that started as a “moon shot” project of the Google X lab, as we bridge the gap between health hazard assessment and life cycle analysis (LCA).

Full article: http://healthybuilding.net/news/2015/08/20/lpe-firsts