16 Oct '15, 11am

Cork, hemp, sheep's wool.. #insulate without impacting on the environment

Cork insulation is made from cork bark that is harvested from the tree every 25 years. Cork granules are expanded and then formed into blocks, using the natural resin, through high temperature and pressure. The most common applications for cork insulation are in flat roofs and insulated render systems, both of which take advantage of cork’s dimensional stability and resistance to compression.

Full article: http://www.greenspec.co.uk/building-design/insulation-pla...


Flying high. World's first hemp plane:

inhabitat.com 16 Oct '15, 10pm

, a former organic restaurant owner, said that people initially laughed at him when he revealed his plans to build a plane...

Bird smuggler jailed for animal cruelty

Bird smuggler jailed for animal cruelty

channelnewsasia.com 17 Oct '15, 1am

SINGAPORE: For the act of illegally smuggling nine live birds into the country, a Singaporean man has been sentenced to ni...