1. 21 Apr '15, 4am

    After reviewing the d'mand circulation pump referenced earlier, I chose a Redy Temp for the following reasons; it was cheaper than other on-demand systems. it has adjustable temperature control (higher than 95F), it has a TACO stainless steel pump (w/replaceable cartridge; I won't have to buy new pump as sealed pumps require), it allows me to choose modes of operations (on-demand mode or scheduled mode or mixed modes), it has built-in check valve (saves me from having to buy one) and a solenoid valve (only for cold line return systems). My understanding is that Redy Temp systems use solenoid valves to prevent heated water from escaping into the cold water line which stands to reason why people complain of waiting for cold water. At first, I thought that was the whole purpose of the check valves, but I was wrong, check valves are used to prevent cold water from entering into the hot water side which makes sense if you think about it. We keep ours set to 110F, no complaints.

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