Earthship Biotecture - Radically Sustainable Buildings

The Ultimate in Green Buildings. Thermal, solar heating and cooling, solar and wind electricity, contained sewage treatment, catchwater. recycled materials.


  • “Why Everyone Should Consider Living in an Earthship”

    "Why Everyone Should Consider Living in an Earthship" - Radically 20 May '15, 6pm

    The “Extraordinary” Mike ... — Mike Reynolds is featured amongst 50 people who fit the c... Easter Island Earthship Academy wraps... — Work continued this past week on the Easter Island music ... Earthships on “New Mexico True ... — Earthship Biotecture will be featured on the upcomin...

  • We offer shared rooms, private rooms and double occupancy private rooms. These are located either within the...

    Earthship | Optional Housing 08 May '15, 9pm

    We offer shared rooms, private rooms and double occupancy private rooms. These are located either within the Academy campus at the Greater World Earthship Community or at the Castle Compound on the mesa just northwest of the town of Taos which is about a 15 minute drive away from the ...

  • Stagecoach Organic Farmer Making Progress on Earthship Project - Earthship Blogs 16 Apr '15, 4pm

    In an update to a story we first brought you back in November 2012, Dirt Merchant Farms, which sells organic foods like fresh farm eggs, meats and vegetables in Stagecoach, has continued to build what are known as “Earthships” on their property. An earthship is a self-sustaining build...

  • Cash for Trash on National Geographic

    Cash for Trash on National Geographic - Radically 28 Apr '15, 1am

    In more ways than we know, our lives are built on trash. If you stacked up all the world’s old junkyard tires, they would reach to the moon and back. So what can we do with them all? How about building houses.

  • Upcoming Projects – Earthship Academy 2015

    Upcoming Projects - Earthship Academy 2015 - Earthship Blogs 02 Apr '15, 6pm

    Posted on April 2, 2015 by earthships in Designs , Earthship Academy , Earthship Village Ecologies , Materials | Leave a comment “The majority of hands on building will occur at the new Picuris Earthship shown in the picture below. This Global design is the highest performing Earthshi...

  • #earthship Power to the People.

    Earthship | United States Earthship Network 09 Apr '15, 12pm

    Earthship village will soon land in Colorado Springs Earthships aren't designed to take families out of this world to explore other galaxies. But they are taking off on this planet and will soon land in Colorado Springs. The Colorado Solar Village is seeking the greenest of the green ...

    1. Earthship | Labs 06 Apr '15, 2pm
  • "Me siento como en una manada de búfalos....

    Breve biografía de Michael Reynolds - Radically Sustainable 14 May '15, 8pm

    Estas casas se llaman Earthships y se han construido en todo el mundo. Las Earthships (Navetierra en español) mantienen una temperatura ambiente de forma natural, producen su propia electricidad, recolectan y almacenan agua de lluvia, tratan aguas residuales y producen alimentos clave...

  • The Labs.

    Earthship | Labs 06 Apr '15, 2pm

    The systems that support an Earthship are the product of dozens of years of research and development and are highly involved and interconnected. During the classroom lectures students learn about the design and function of each system. During the Labs students learn the “nuts and bolt...

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