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Specializing in custom designed or pre-grown living walls and vertical gardens.

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  • Collect rain and build a living wall #rain #collectrain #savewater #livingwalls #gardening

    Water Storage Systems

    eltlivingwalls.com 20 Jul '14, 3pm

    The HOG rain water collection system is a great way to incorporate sustainability into your living wall, green roof or other green scaping applications. The rectangular configuration is a great space saver and makes a water rentention system easily scalable. HOG Manual

  • @SpringsAlliance This is what we used:

    On-line store

    eltlivingwalls.com 12 Oct '13, 8pm

    Currently we are re-structuring our on-line shop website to better address shipping cost estimates. Please veiw some of the kit videos and information below and to place an order, contact us at 1-866-306-7773 or click on the photos to email to [email protected] . We will be able ...

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    eltlivingwalls.com 06 Jul '12, 6pm

    Specializing in living, sustainable building technologies such as green roofs and living walls; beginning in 2001 ELT consulted and installed a variety of green roof systems enabling us to identify reoccurring obstacles in the green roof industry – flexibility, cost, and weight.