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  • Richardsville Elementary #School receives check because of its energy-producing, #net-zero school

    Richardsville Elementary School - gb&d

    gbdmagazine.com 20 Jun '17, 2pm

    In 2012, the Tennessee Valley Authority cut Warren County Public Schools a check for $37,227.31 because of its energy-producing, net-zero school, Richardsville Elementary School in Bowling Green, Kentucky. As the first net-zero-energy school in the country, the 550-student, 77,466-squ...

  • @LOFTwall Brings Inspiration Back to the Workplace!

    LOFTwall Brings Inspiration Back to the Workplace - gb&d

    gbdmagazine.com 21 Jun '17, 7pm

    Making Space for Quiet and Collaboration This is exactly LOFTwall’s aim, and in helping clients like Mizzen+Main and others structure their workspaces, Kinder helps teams designate four types of spaces, all of which work together to balance individual concentration with productive tea...

  • Energy Savings Stand Out at DPR Construction's Phoenix Office - gb&d

    gbdmagazine.com 19 Jun '17, 3pm

    Recognized by the International Living Future Institute , DPR Construction ’s regional office in Phoenix is a testament to how much energy can be saved in the workplace—without skimping on comfort. The net zero energy certified office is a showcase for urban sustainability, with in-of...

  • Sierra Nevada is Leading the Way with Sustainable Beer Production - gb&d

    gbdmagazine.com 09 Jun '17, 4pm

    You might not think about the inherent overhead—both environmental and economic—of the cold beer in your hand on a sunny afternoon, but every year U.S. breweries pour about $200 million into energy costs, according to the Alliance to Save Energy . The brewing process itself requires s...

  • How to Ask the Best Questions and Get the Best Results - gb&d

    gbdmagazine.com 05 Jun '17, 4pm

    Most green building professionals understand the benefit of approaching design solutions collaboratively. Healthy collaboration is inclusive; it starts with the basic assumption that everyone in the room has something significant to contribute and something to learn. In my book, EMERG...

  • B Lab CO Director @KimCoupounas on #BCorps and the growth of responsible business

    Here's How Thousands of B Corps are Making the World a Better Place - gb&d

    gbdmagazine.com 05 May '17, 12am

    Over the years, Coupounas has watched the B Corp world flourish under the nonprofit B Lab, which develops and maintains the standards underpinning the B Impact Assessment companies undergo to pursue B Corp certification. “I’ve spent the past three years engaging and growing the commun...

  • Jade Mountain: The First Caribbean Hotel to Earn LEED Gold - gb&d

    gbdmagazine.com 31 May '17, 7pm

    The government of St. Lucia has committed to generating 35% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020 (geothermal, wind, and solar). However, the island currently generates almost no renewable power and has not created a plan for independent commercial operations to do so feas...

  • @SMDISteel @BuildUsingSteel

    with Steel and Come Out on Top - gb&d

    gbdmagazine.com 05 May '17, 3pm

    Look out the window at any major skyline and you will see building upon building showcasing shining, towering examples of steel. Perhaps now more than ever, it’s easy to see, as it’s a predominant feature in everything from parks and museums to even private residences, with exposed be...


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