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  • Congrats! @amanda_sturgeon named 1/10 most powerful women in #sustainability @gbd_mag

    The 10 Most Powerful Women in Sustainability

    gbdmagazine.com 20 Oct '14, 8pm

    The challenge of sustainability has opened new opportunities in fields long filled by men. Some jobs are completely new; others require new approaches to old tasks. The recipients of the inaugural Women in Sustainability Leadership Award, presented by this magazine, illustrate the imp...

  • Video: New Orleans BioInnovation Center

    gbdmagazine.com 21 Oct '14, 8pm

    “The reason New Orleans exists is because of its relationship with water.” These words open “New Orleans BioInnovation Center: Resiliency in Design,” an exclusive tour of Eskew+Dumez+Ripple’s LEED Gold biotech incubator, opened in 2011. The voice is architect Mark Ripple’s, and he and...

  • The most beautiful sewage treatment plant in the world is our Brightwater Center: via @gbd_mag @KingCoun…

    The Most Beautiful Sewage Treatment Plant in the World

    gbdmagazine.com 20 Oct '14, 10am

    Not every municipality on the northern Pacific Coast is so kind to maritime habitats. The seas off the shores of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska are home to thousands of species that range from bald eagles to bivalves, kelp, salmon, sea lions, and gray whales. The oth...

  • New Orleans' Urban Water Plan – a design for embracing H2O instead of fearing it, rain and shine.

    Working With Water

    gbdmagazine.com 19 Oct '14, 4pm

    Why are the soils drying up? It’s because New Orleans became very good at getting rid of its water—and a few other things as well. “Land can sink for many reasons,” Kolker says. “Peat layers oxidize, which is what happens in old marshes, where plant matter is decaying, but more rapidl...

  • Las Vegas: City to Watch | Green Building and Design

    Las Vegas: City to Watch

    gbdmagazine.com 11 Oct '14, 4am

    Adaptive reuse such as this is essential to the Downtown Project’s plans. “You really want to give respect to the history of a place,” Ware says. Downtown’s numerous vacant or underused hotels are therefore prime real estate. Although the Zappos headquarters’ reuse of the 300,000-squa...

  • Current issue of @gbd_mag highlights #SustainableChicago 2015

    Karen Weigert: Second to None

    gbdmagazine.com 15 Sep '14, 2pm

    At the intersection of the envi ronment and local government, language matters. Until recently, most municipalities used the words “environmental protection” and “department of the environment.” These terms implied regulatory restrictions and a separation of green concerns from how ci...

  • ICYMI: @gbd_mag raves about the new #NEIU @ElCentrocampus location #humblebrag

    El Centro Campus

    gbdmagazine.com 17 Sep '14, 8pm

    Now you can. El Centro’s boomerang-shaped body leans out energetically over the Kennedy, pointing southward to downtown’s iconic skyline. The glazed exterior is set off by a series of tilted vertical fins in two brilliant colors: a bright, golden yellow for those traveling southeast a...

  • Mass. #rooftop #garden is the first of its kind for @WholeFoods @gbd_mag

    Whole Foods Market Garden Roof

    gbdmagazine.com 17 Sep '14, 6pm

    Every Whole Foods Market tries to buy and sell local products; it’s one of the grocery’s major draws. The Lynnfield, Massachusetts, location is one of only a few that can grow and harvest what it needs right upstairs. Designed and built by Recover Green Roofs in 2013, and managed by G...


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