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  • American Family Insurance Group prepares to complete its first #LEED office near Minneapolis @amfam

    for American Family’s well-being |

    gbdmagazine.com 27 Feb '15, 7pm

    The American Family Insurance Group is planning to complete its first LEED office in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, in August. The current building—built in three phases in 1977, 1980, and 1988—had not been updated in years, and components were at the end of their useful life, says Cindy Gl...

  • As @EarthFare expands, it rolls out more #sustainable practices. Shopper-centric systems trump #LEED certification

    Environment vital for Earth Fare expansion

    gbdmagazine.com 26 Feb '15, 3pm

    Refrigeration units use high-efficiency condenser fan motors, and they are able to generate 100 percent of their hot water using reclaimed heat from those units. Since most Earth Fare stores employ open-joist ceilings, destratification fans are used to push air back down and minimize ...

  • @CBRE’s new headquarters is the world’s first office space certified by WELL @WELLcertified

    Mind, Body, Bottom Line

    gbdmagazine.com 19 Feb '15, 7pm

    CBRE’s new global headquarters was the world’s first completed office space to achieve WELL certification under the pilot program. “We followed virtually all of the recommendations, from lighting to flooring to everything else,” Horne says, emphasizing that WELL is a complement, not a...

  • John and Frances Angelos Law Center

    gbdmagazine.com 18 Feb '15, 3pm

    As a series of interlocking, “L”-shaped volumes—each featuring a unique façade—University of Baltimore’s 192,000-square-foot Angelos Law Center unites the university’s law school in a 12-story, LEED Platinum building that takes advantage of cutting-edge technologies and centuries-old...

  • This high-tech, net-zero office space was awarded best rehab by @SVbizjournal in 2014 @DESIGNatRMW @IntegralGroupCA

    435 Indio Way

    gbdmagazine.com 17 Feb '15, 3pm

    Awarded Best Rehab by Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2014, 435 Indio Way represents a model for taking a 40-year-old concrete tilt-up and turning it into a high-tech, net-zero office space. A collaborative effort between Sharp Development , RMW Architecture , and Integral Group , ...

  • Tour the historical 430 Oak Grove Street in MN & you’ll see why @KA_Realty wanted to restore it. @TheWe…

    Coming of Age

    gbdmagazine.com 11 Feb '15, 7pm

    Take a tour of the historic building at 430 Oak Grove Street in Minneapolis, and you’ll see why Kraus-Anderson Realty , which built the Loring Park icon in 1924, wanted to restore it. “It’s a beautiful, old, limestone building—five-sided with high ceilings and expansive windows,” says...

  • With Envy

    gbdmagazine.com 16 Feb '15, 7pm

    Envy the Pacific Northwest. Due to its extensive hydroelectric power generation, the region has remarkably inexpensive energy, and in many locales, geothermal energy—170-degree-Fahrenheit water produced by the Earth’s mantle—is tapped to heat buildings and run steam turbines. The Nort...

  • Guest Editor: César Pelli |

    Guest Editor: César Pelli |

    gbdmagazine.com 16 Feb '15, 3am

    I’ll tell you a story because that explains this. When I entered into architecture, the school was teaching a very classical system of design. We were designing temples and tombs and palaces for the post-monarchs and analyzing Roman and Greek buildings. I became very good at it, but I...


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