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Livingroofs.org is an independent organization that promotes green roofs and living roofs in the UK & is UK member of the European Federation of Green Roof  ...

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  • Green Walls

    livingroofs.org 30 Jan '16, 12pm

    Green walls are essentially a living, and therefore self-regenerating, cladding system using climbing plants. Whilst climbers have been used traditionally on buildings for centuries, modern methods using high-tensile steel cables have enabled the concept to be used far more adventurou...

  • Green Roof Benefits

    livingroofs.org 09 Dec '15, 7am

    Introduction to Green Roof Benefits Reduction of Urban Heat Island – Research in Tyndale Centre for climate change suggests we need a 10% increase in green space in our cities to combat climate change. This is particularly relevant to the reduction in the Urban Heat Island [UHIE]. Gre...

  • Biodiversity and Wildlife

    livingroofs.org 09 Dec '15, 8am

    Any green space is better for biodiversity and green roofs are will benefit wildlife more than traditional roofing methods. However the question is always "which wildlife?" Sedum Blanket/Mat Systems Simple sedum blanket systems have been shown to have benefit for a limited range of in...

  • Rare Bird living it up in Soho on a green roof

    livingroofs.org 09 Oct '15, 1pm

    This supports the use of the living roof approach to creating habitat for biodiversity across the flat open spaces that dominate London's roofscape. Whilst biodiversity has been an important driver the use of green roofs for helping London adapt to climate change and to reduce the neg...

  • A Mexican Hillside in London

    livingroofs.org 09 Aug '15, 7am

    So I started to re-plan the whole look of the roof by planting a framework of architectural succulents and xerophytes, mainly Mexican species of Agave and Dasylirion, but also South American members of the Bromeliad (Pineapple) family, creeping South African plants such as Delosperma ...

  • Denver Botanical Gardens - An arid/Dry Green Roof

    livingroofs.org 19 Apr '15, 9am

    The researchers at the Botanical gardens are studying the plants to see how they before in the context of green roof. Each plant is given a performance rating and these ratings are being expand to include areas such as spread, height, flowering time etc. Such research will allow desig...

  • DIY Guide - eBook

    livingroofs.org 13 Jan '14, 10am

    We have both been involved with and built numerous green roofs. However, no guide can be definitive and we want the guide to be a living document. We will therefore also be looking for pictures and details of green roofs that are constructed using the guide so that we can integrate th...

  • New Wildflower Blanket bedding in at MOL | Green Roofs for Nature

    livingroofs.org 27 Jun '11, 7pm

    The green roof consultancy's large-scale retrofit of the Museum of London (MOL) is slowly taking shape. The wildflower blanket, supplied by Bauder Ltd , on the courtyard roof at the MOL is bedding in and blooming. The Honey bees from the hive besides the meadow are making full use of ...


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