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We take you on a journey through the most beautiful natural homes in the world sharing natural building and natural living skills and inspiration.

Link: naturalhomes.org

  • A beautiful cob home in England

    naturalhomes.org 12 Nov '16, 2pm

    When you have discovered the correct clay, sand and water mix use a tarp to mix large batches of clay and sand. Mix these dry in the tarp until you can't see patches of clay or sand then add water little by little treading and rolling the mix in the tarp. Once lumps are broken up begi...

  • A roundwood art studio near Chichester, West Sussex, UK.

    naturalhomes.org 02 Aug '16, 4pm

    The design of the building relies on the available local natural resources, so the design process is iterative starting with a rough idea of what is wanted which is then refined by what is available, like the long curved ridge pole. The roundwood frame (below) might look a bit complic...

  • The homes have a wooden framework coated with a mixture of clay and straw on laths.

    A cob ecovillage at Korobov farm in Ukraine - naturalhomes.org.

    naturalhomes.org 09 Aug '16, 5pm

    This is the Ukrainian version of cob. It's an ecovillage at Korobov farm in Ukraine. It was built by designer Yuri Ryntovt who has used the same building technique for some high class hotels. The house is a wooden framework coated with a mixture of clay and straw on laths and then wit...

  • The adobe beehive homes of Harran, Turkey

    naturalhomes.org 18 Oct '16, 9pm

    The traveller and author Julian Huxley described beehive homes as built of "unburnt mud or clay, with the floor slightly raised above the soil outside, spotlessly clean, with a recess for cooking and attractive decorations in bright tinsel paper on the walls. Though only a few yards i...

  • How to build a cob cottage: 9 major steps.

    naturalhomes.org 29 Oct '16, 2am

    Laying out the rubble trench foundation... Click button No.1 to see the layout of the cottage using rope. A piece of wood, which most conventional builders would reject, is used to define the shape of the cottage. In picture No.2 you can see the trench has been excavated with a draina...

  • The Heather Thatch of Leanach Farmhouse

    naturalhomes.org 21 Jul '16, 11pm

    Over the years the cottage has changed shape but leaving signs of earlier construction like the single cruck frame which survives embedded in the western gable. The eastern gable is a heather turf wall The roof may have originally been thatched with straw using a clay-thatching techni...

  • A beautiful Polish hobbit house

    naturalhomes.org 06 Jul '16, 11am

    Bogdan Pękalski is an experienced self-builder. For years he has designed and created lots of gardens and home interiors for people who appreciated his style. About six years ago he bought a piece of land in Krzywcza, Poland and decided to build his dream house on a hill. he planned, ...

  • A traditional thatched stone longhouse in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

    A traditional thatched stone longhouse in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

    naturalhomes.org 04 Aug '16, 6pm

    The Pembrokeshire longhouse, much like the Scottish Blackhouse , is where people and their livestock lived under one long roof. The livestock area of this home has now been converted to the bedrooms but the building retains the character of the original design. From the living room yo...


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