Your Natural Building and Natural Living journey starts here...

We take you on a journey through the most beautiful natural homes in the world sharing natural building and natural living skills and inspiration.

Link: naturalhomes.org

  • Natural Homes of the USA

    naturalhomes.org 16 Jul '17, 4pm

    This is the beautiful Straw Bale Studio in Oxford, MI, USA where you can learn natural building skills and sustainable living principles. The straw bale home has a thatched roof, earthen plasters with natural paints and uses solar electricity. The home was built by Deanne Bednar . You...

  • The Year of Mud with Ziggy Liloia

    naturalhomes.org 06 Jun '17, 9pm

    Ziggy Liloia has been knee-deep in natural building ever since he built his first cob house in 2008. Over the past 10 years, he has actively expanded his skill set to include straw bale construction, timber framing, natural plasters, and fine carpentry and woodworking. He approaches e...

  • A few tips and tricks for better wood stacking

    Firewood stacking made easy

    naturalhomes.org 29 May '17, 1am

    The easiest and most simple method to stack your firewood is to put the end pieces in a criss-cross pattern. Much like building a log cabin, each row stacked perpendicular to the next row. It is however, important that you find similar sized pieces to retain stability. Once you have d...

  • Natural Building Services hosted by naturalhomes.org

    naturalhomes.org 22 Apr '17, 7pm

    Select a SERVICE below. You will be taken to our Facebook group Talking Natural Homes . OPEN up all the comments then use your browser's FIND function to SEARCH for a natural builder. Readers please DO NOT comment on the posts in the group. Contact the builder either via a Facebook me...

  • Jill Redwood: Living off-grid for over 30 years

    naturalhomes.org 11 Mar '17, 10pm

    This wonderful woman is Jill Redwood. Jill built her house in East Gippsland, Australia where she has lived alone for over 30 years entirely off-grid with no mains power, water, mobile reception or television. Living on around $80 a week, Jill has over sixty animals to keep her compan...

  • A roundwood art studio near Chichester, West Sussex, UK.

    naturalhomes.org 02 Aug '16, 4pm

    The design of the building relies on the available local natural resources, so the design process is iterative starting with a rough idea of what is wanted which is then refined by what is available, like the long curved ridge pole. The roundwood frame (below) might look a bit complic...

  • Storybook Architecture on the shores of Vancouver Island, Canada

    naturalhomes.org 30 Mar '17, 4pm

    On Canada's Vancouver Island you will find a beautiful example of storybook architecture created by the hands of two creative natural builders Timothy Lindberg and musician Daniel Huscroft . Together they work as Lindcroft , a mixture of their names, building homes that must be the dr...

  • The homes have a wooden framework coated with a mixture of clay and straw on laths.

    A cob ecovillage at Korobov farm in Ukraine - naturalhomes.org.

    naturalhomes.org 09 Aug '16, 5pm

    This is the Ukrainian version of cob. It's an ecovillage at Korobov farm in Ukraine. It was built by designer Yuri Ryntovt who has used the same building technique for some high class hotels. The house is a wooden framework coated with a mixture of clay and straw on laths and then wit...


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