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Bandy says this collection is just one example of how Mohawk is leading the charge in merging inspiring design and green technology. “We were looking to create a beautiful design that also speaks to what designers are looking for, that has the color palettes people are resonating with, but at the same time doesn’t lose the sustainability value and how that is implemented as part of the process.” As vice president of sustainability, it’s been Bandy’s job to make sure that holistic approach becomes imbedded in what the company does, how they think, and how others think of them—as a company that isn’t just working to protect the Earth we have today, but one aspiring to make it better. “I like to say we are creating the type of flooring that makes Mother Nature smile,” he says. And in this marketplace, transparency is critical to that process. In addition to using the Declare ...

Full article: https://gbdmagazine.com/2017/believing-in-better/


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Civil servants are busy developing the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2) which will shape spending on England’s motor...