30 Nov '17, 5pm

#Insulation basics: What to consider when it comes to choosing natural + recycled materials.

First of all, natural insulation materials, like cork oak (Quercus suber ), pictured here, tend to have low toxicity levels and are theoretically better for the environment and your health. I say “theoretically” because, as with all products, quality and purity vary, and it’s important to do your research and know what you’re getting. Especially in today’s age of greenwashing , you need to be attentive to manufacturers’ claims of a product’s being ecofriendly. Some natural insulation materials may contain glues or binders that emit toxic chemicals, just like standard insulation materials, making it not very cost effective to spend the extra money to go natural.

Full article: http://www.greenhomeguide.com/know-how/article/insulation...


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