16 Jul '11, 10am

update to Paul Ehrlich's 1968 'The Population Bomb' #green

You know people say, "Yeah they warned us about this back in the 60's, and since then the population has doubled, but look we're still here. Therefore the earth's carrying capacity for humans must evidently be infinite. Problem solved." The most you can do as an individual is to challenge the idea that reproduction is virtuous, or that consumption shows how much God has blessed you, or that material wealth proves how valuable you are to society. Choose not to produce any more people, and explain the reasoning behind this to anyone who will listen.

Full article: http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/gener...


A Love, Bonito update

A Love, Bonito update

belluspuera.blogspot.com 18 Jul '11, 4am

Remember Kelvin, the person behind Rach's breathtaking pre-wedding shoot in Prague? He kindly sponsored Love, Bonito a bri...

Jean Paul Gaultier revamps website

Jean Paul Gaultier revamps website

luxuo.com 15 Jul '11, 12pm

Following Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabbana , Jean Paul Gaultier is the third major fashion brand to present a new website th...

Want. --> Seed bomb vending machine.

Want. --> Seed bomb vending machine.

treehugger.com 17 Jul '11, 8pm

Don't let the moniker "seed bomb" throw you off: beloved by guerrilla gardeners everywhere, these little balls made from c...

Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Work Better than Scanners?

Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Work Better than Scanners?

care2.com 17 Jul '11, 2pm

going on about whether dogs or scanning devices are better for bomb detection in airports. The scanning devices are expens...

Green: Literacy and the Population Problem

green.blogs.nytimes.com 29 Jul '11, 12pm

European Pressphoto Agency Afghan teenagers take a university admissions test in Kabul. The world’s population is expected...

Ireland's Trans Population Must Divorce to Gain...

care2.com 15 Jul '11, 10pm

Transgender recognition is not the issue here and the article is mistitled. The problem is instead marriage equality. Irel...