24 Jul '11, 7pm

Green Building Q&A: Flash and Batt -- Attic

Goals Conditioned attic R-50 from Foam and dense pack cellulose Construction -- Roof trusses 24" OC Installation preparation-- I will be adding an extra 2X4 in the truss at the necessary depth to provide a nailing surface for the Insulweb. Can I do this at every other truss if I'm using strapping? Do I need cross strapping perpendicular to truss chords? What spacing? 1X or 2X? Any benefit in this particular application as to either CC or open cell foam?

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Transformers (Jaguar) USB Flash Memory Drive

Transformers (Jaguar) USB Flash Memory Drive

lesterchan.net 25 Jul '11, 12am

This is the second transformers USB Flash Memory Drive I have, the previous was

Green Building Q&A: The most Underappreciated B...

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