Residences by French architect Patrice Bideau feature high performance envelopes. #GreensourceMagazine

The Brittany region of France has been populated since ancient times, thanks in part to the area’s benign environment. The temperate yet rainy climate could be likened to America’s Pacific Northwest. Extending that comparison to a finer grain, the Bay of Biscay is the France’s Salish Sea and the island-dotted Gulf of Morbihan equates the Puget Sound. From the picturesque gulf town Auray, Patrice Bideau has been practicing architecture since 1991, during which he has specialized in sustainable residences for more than a decade. Slide Show Armel ISTIN Bioclimatic House ----- Advertising ----- Bideau transcended provincial geography in embracing sustainability, explaining that adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 greatly influenced his change of course. “In France, we were not focused on green building until Kyoto,” he explains, “and even our adoption of better standards de...

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