31 Aug '13, 12am

Sloppy SIPs? #green

I'm building a house and a contractor who has worked exclusively with SIPs for decades erected the shell for me. I have no experience with structural insulated panels, and I'm looking for advice about two aspects of the job, shown in attached photos, which concern me more than they do the contractor. -- Some sections of the exterior OSB hang as much as 7/16" off the plate below it; others float a quarter inch above the plate inside and out. What's a reasonable degree of misalignment for SIPs? -- Daylight can be seen in places between the SIPs and the 2x plate below the insulated panel rim. After completion of the shell (but before house wrap), significant amounts of rain water entered the house through roof and wall seams. What sort of interior/exterior sealing would be best before I install #15 felt and 1x3 rain-screen strapping?

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