13 Jan '14, 9am

The Thompson Hotel in #Chicago has recently transformed into a living wall of lush, vibrant plants!

The Omni Ecosystems Tapestry™ is a living wall of lush, vibrant plants growing on a vertical surface. Each green wall is a perfect fit for the upscale yet unique personality of the Nico Salone, adding living artwork and natural elegance to the space. The Omni Ecosystems Tapestry™ also plays a practical role in the structure of the Nico Salone by helping to reduce noise and improve air quality within the bar. There are over 2,000 plants planted in Nico Salone’s green walls including pothos, spider plants, philodendron, dracaena, zebrina and others. The Omni Ecosystems Tapestry™ within Nico Salone is an example of yet another way in which green walls can be enjoyably incorporated into everyday living.

Full article: http://www.greenroofs.com/content/press/712-Thompson-Hote...