31 Jan '12, 9pm

Do all "popcorn" ceilings contain asbestos? #construction #green

Asbestos was banned in 'popcorn' ceiling textures in 1977, when they switched to styrofoam bits. If your home was built in 2006, it is extremely unlikely that it contains asbestos. Removal is not difficult if you wished to do so, although it's definitely messy. Plenty of water misting followed by gentle work with a 6" wide putty knife will peel it right off. If it's not coming off, use more water. It's likely that you would then need to have a drywaller in to refinish before paint. Good Luck! For more information : Read "How do I handle a "popcorn" ceiling that may contain asbestos? " a Q&A answered by Molly McCabe.

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