30 Mar '12, 9pm

We've got moisture/mold issues after spraying closed cell foam in the rafters of our 1925 h... #construction #green

We decided to insulate and finish off our unfinished attic in our 1925 bungalow home. We installed closed cell foam insulation (which covers the soffit area) then drywalled. The floor isn't finished yet. We also installed new windows in the attic. Issues that are now occuring: the main floor wood exterior screen doors no longer close. The storm & screen windows are difficult to install - very tight. Mold is growing on the interior window sills and the exterior paint is peeling excessively. How do we fix this issue? What is happening to our house? Thank you for any advise.

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@jahwalk Thanks - we got it!

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Asif Mahmood (leased Nov-30-2009 - May-29-2010) Mohammad Osman (leased Nov-30-2009 - May-29-2010) Muhammad Shahyan (leased...