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[Prod/Sustainablity] Material Health Tools Harmonize

Material Health Tools Harmonize Manufacturers should get more consistent signals as Cradle to Cradle, GreenScreen, Pharos, and other tools align, while staking out niches. By Candace Pearson Material health organizations have been all been pushing hard to get more manufacturers to disclose and optimize the ingredients in their products, but with multiple platforms like Health Product Declarations (HPD), Cradle to Cradle (C2C), GreenScreen, and Pharos all getting traction, the leaders of those organizations have realized in some ways they are competing with each other in the same race. As a part of an effort to harmonize the various disclosure options, Cradle to Cradle has indicated it would like to see the scene resemble more of a relay, recently announcing that it is considering aligning the hazard-assessment portion of its standard with GreenScreen in an effort to reduce...

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New Post! Resolution For Health:

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