Research finds that 60% of Brits don’t know about financial incentives for #solarPV

The majority of Brits are unaware that they can receive government funding for installing solar, according to research commissioned by renewable distributor Rexel. A YouGov survey which assessed over 2,000 members of the public found that 61% were unaware that the government offers support for installing solar PV. While just 10% said that they fully understood the Feed-in Tariff scheme. “The industry needs to be better at communicating directly to the public about what is good and give real examples of how PV can protect from future potential energy increases,” said Rexel’s Jerry Hamilton. Just under half of those surveyed who didn't own solar arrays said that they would be encouraged to install them if they had the money or where given financial support to install them. The cost of installing solar remains the most common concern among potential customers with 38% stating...

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