31 May '12, 10am

Ibs symptoms

Quote: “Autoimmunity often attacks multiple systems, organs, tissues, and cells of the body simultaneously. I refer to this assault on the body as “The Shot -Gun Effect of Autoimmunity.” Millions suffer with multiple autoimmune conditions. In almost every case, the suffering person is unaware that their conditions and symptoms are all Autoimmune driven. The medical doctor has no motive to educate or discuss this with the patient, for they are trained to treat symptoms only and have no reason to discuss the Root-Cause. They are taught by the system that the Root-Cause, Autoimmunity, is “incurable,” and in most cases are unaware that various conditions and symptoms alike are Autoimmune or Autoimmune related.” Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

Full article: http://greenbuildingelements.com/2007/01/24/ibs-symptoms/


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