30 Jun '15, 9pm

Canadian Cob Cottage

The roof of the home is totally load bearing on the cob walls. The house is 600 sq.ft (56m2) on 2 floors and cost about $56,000 (35,000) to build. Pat's ultimate goal is to build a '10 Mile House', where every material required for the construction of a home comes from within 10 miles of the building plot. Few natural buildings use entirely local materials but here are a few: Ben Law's roundwood cottage , James OKeefe's oak playhouse , Michael Buck's cob cottage in England and Menthe Mawaw's tiny woodland cottage in France.

Full article: http://naturalhomes.org/timeline/cob-house-hilde.htm


A beautiful cob house in Oregon, USA

naturalhomes.org 28 Jun '15, 3pm

Hidden away in a lush Oregon woodland near Coquille, OR, USA is a collection of tiny cob homes with names like Dawn and Du...

Cob Retreat

Cob Retreat

naturalhomes.org 06 Jul '15, 7pm

has been a working homestead since 1850 growing much of their food from their large organic gardens and harvesting their w...

La Escuela Waldorf hecha de cob en Argentina

La Escuela Waldorf hecha de cob en Argentina

naturalhomes.org 25 Jun '15, 6pm

Hay una organización de mujeres comprometidas con la construcción natural y la vida en comunidad llamadas Kleiwerks que ha...

Kraken Opens Bitcoin Exchange in Canada

Kraken Opens Bitcoin Exchange in Canada

coindesk.com 29 Jun '15, 4pm

Kraken has officially launched in Canada following a partnership with digital currency industry-focused risk management sp...

Cocina de cob, Inglaterra

naturalhomes.org 29 Jun '15, 6pm

Esta es la cocina de la casa de cob (arcilla, arena y paja) de Adam y Katy en Cornualles. La casa es un granero reconverti...

The Cross-Border Series Part 1: Capturing Canad...

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Set up local operations or partner with Canadian firms . Canadians, like Americans, prefer to buy from local businesses th...

Canadian Wildfires Produce River of Smoke

earthobservatory.nasa.gov 30 Jun '15, 10pm

The 2015 fire season got off to an unusually early start in Canada when blazes broke out in the Northwest Territories, Bri...