30 Jul '12, 10pm

Know saving Bees is important, but is "scientifically engineered, natural components" the answer? via @gbelements

“BeesVita Plus is composed of scientifically engineered, natural components proven to contrast neonicotinoids’ side effects on honeybees,” says BeesFree’s chief scientist and BeesVita Plus inventor Dr. Francesca del Vecchio. “The solution also contains antimicrobial agents and compounds to fight viruses and its interaction with Nosema parasite. Plus, it has powerful nutrients and antioxidants. “A three-year study conducted in Italy’s agriculturally rich Tuscany region, where CCD has ravaged billions of honeybees, concluded that colonies fed BeesVita Plus not only survived but thrived,” explains del Vecchio. “When BeesVita Plus was introduced to specific honeybee colonies, their populations increased by as much as 50 percent, compared to colonies that were not fed BeesVita Plus, which experienced a 40 percent population decrease.”

Full article: http://greenbuildingelements.com/2012/07/30/beesfree-brea...