26 Nov '15, 5pm

Healthy Domestic Load-bearing Walls from unfired load bearing clay bricks https://t.co/gRrzC5qHE4 https://t.co/TAggCWuosi

Clay plasters led the development of the market for commercial mass-produced clay products in Germany over the last 15 years. As well as aesthetics there are technical benefits such as the regulation of internal air humidity, an important factor when upgrading the environmental performance of many twentieth century buildings. The use of clay plasters in the UK has been limited to expensive imported materials from mainland Europe. Recent research at the University of Bath in collaboration with ARC has shown that many dry ground clays currently used in brick manufacture in the UK can be easily adapted to form workable clay plasters, with perhaps 10 per cent having the natural qualities of fine grading, workability and colour needed to produce a high quality commercial material.

Full article: http://www.greenspec.co.uk/building-design/unfired-clay-a...


10 New #3dprinting Technologies

10 New #3dprinting Technologies

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