23 Aug '16, 9pm

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Evaluating Home Performance Guides the reader in using modern testing tools to discover the home’s best energy-saving opportunities. Suggests a sequence and logic to the process of testing, measuring, adjusting, and retrofitting. (36 pages)

Full article: http://www.eeba.org/bookstore/cat-Energy_Efficiency-11.aspx


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Our books are now on Singapore's OPENTROLLEY!

Our books are now on Singapore's OPENTROLLEY!

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Matthew Ewald's (actor: Galidor, Star Trek Phase II) chilling debut novel of horror from Black Bed Sheet Books. A group of...

New ZIP System upgrade helps simplify energy co...

ecobuildingpulse.com 22 Aug '16, 1pm

A new iteration of Huber's popular ZIP System R-sheathing will help builders meet stricter energy code requirements. Since...