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Is blue the new green? Or are we just blending our colours for the sake of it

Is blue the new green? Or are we just blending our colours for the sake of it

I suspect that there is something else going on here. Architects and developers have been unwillingly dragged to the altar of green roofs. 90% of the architects would prefer never to use a green roof. They are only ever designed when they are made to it by planners. With an increasing pressure designing in elements that store water and reduce run off rates blue roof fits a mind set. Why use a green roof whey you can use a blue roof? Dispense with the green and grab the blue – essentially plastic boxes that store water. However, there are very good reasons, not to store water directly on a membrane . Storing the water within the green roof element is a much better idea. The green roof element protects the water proofing and delivers exactly what a plastic blue roof version is purported to do.

Full article: http://livingroofs.org/blue-infrastructure-new-green/


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If you feel that this is in error, you may contact us by first using the following form. If you have trouble reading the t...

#greenroofbeautycontest - A green roof Emporium in #Sweden - #greeninfrastructure #greenroofs

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