28 Sep '16, 6am

Nicht nur Dekoration: Schutz- und Hilfszeichen

One of the instruments that features high in the repertoire of music is the fujara flute. The fujara is an overtone flute 4ft (122cm) to 7ft (213cm) long unique to Slovakia. Traditionally it is made completely by hand from seasoned elder, maple or locust tree using a tool called an auger (nebožiece) to drill out the core of the flute and a draw knife to debark and shape the stem. Below (centre and right) Drahoš Daloš makes and plays the Fujara flute (see video right). The video left Ivan Medžo gives a beautiful performance of fujara music and singing beside the house pictured above at the 2013 Čičmany festival .

Full article: http://naturalhomes.org/cicmany.htm


Legalität vs. Kundenservice und Menschenverstan...

gestern-nacht-im-taxi.de 26 Sep '16, 4am

Liebe Kollegen, das ist von meiner Seite aus keine Rechtfertigung dafür, im Umland einfach wild zu laden. Ich ärgere mich ...