30 Nov '12, 7pm

Post Hurricane Sandy repairs: advice needed. Insulate new ducts? Bubble wrap or what kind? Water in crawl... #green

Hi, I have a small cape cod house on a lake, 2 blocks from the ocean in NJ, that was recently flooded by Hurricane Sandy. The seawater came 4' above ground level, 14" into the house. There is a low dirt bottom crawlspace, which has water or is wet most of the time because the water table is so high. The forced hot air furnace also handles the A/C air flow. I have been advised that the furnace and all the ductwork needs to be replaced. I've gotten mixed information on whether to insulate the new ducts or not, and if so what type of insulation (old ductwork is not insulated). There wasn't any insulation anywhere in the crawlspace. I also had contractors recommend addressing the dirt floor and sump pump system. I am financially strapped and need to spend very wisely. I'd like to get opinions/advice on what I should do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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How to insulate roof? #green

How to insulate roof? #green

greenbuildingadvisor.com 04 Dec '12, 10pm

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