Placemaking for Peacemaking

The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces , “What attracts people most, it would appear, is other people. Indeed, people need people. We all need each other, whomever that “Other” is. Placemaking—which is based on prioritizing people’s needs, aspirations and well-being during the planning stages of design—provides a great opportunity for peacemaking efforts and activities. The placemaking process affords peacemaking efforts a physical space in which to enhance dialogue between different people. It welcomes and encourages “Others” to find a place where they feel welcome and respected, and it inevitably leads to peacemaking through community participation and mutual trust. In other words, the connections peacemaking hopes to forge can only succeed if the process is implemented in a physical place where people can express this connection in a practical way.

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The Placemaking Factor in Philanthropy and Funding

The Placemaking Factor in Philanthropy and Funding

The following is based on excerpts from Maria Adebowale Schwarte’s new book, The Place Making Factor: A Catalyst for Disru...